When Pearl Jam released their last record, there was an article in a UK magazine that talked about how Kurt didn’t like them, like it still mattered. Like, who fucking cares whether Kurt liked Pearl Jam or not? It made me really upset, because Kurt’s not around to defend himself, but also because that was considered a stamp of approval; that one person’s opinion would matter that much. The next interview I did, I stuck up for Pearl Jam. If there’s one thing at the end of the day that will destroy music, it’s guilt. That guilt that some musicians feel that keeps them from making music, any kind of music - that you could let something so petty get in the way of making something beautiful. It really affected me, because the last time I watched Pearl Jam, I sat on the side of the stage and cried, because I thought, Wow, man. These guys survived. They fucking survived! Out of everybody else, they’re still fucking going. It made me really happy. I texted Eddie later on to tell him that it was an emotional moment for me. They survived, and they survived without the guilt and the shame. They survived on music.
Dave Grohl, quoted from “Pearl Jam Twenty”  (via jasonmewes)

This is so amazing.